Discover how to Attract the Right People and the 

Right Opportunities to Your LinkedIn Profile

This online LinkedIn Confidence course starts 3 July and will give you bite-sized videos and worksheets to help you create a powerful LinkedIn profile that gets you noticed and make a bigger impact, whether you are looking for a new career move, the next freelance contract, speaking opportunities or potential new clients


Maybe you signed up to my  LinkedIn Challenge and got left behind (or didn't start), you've read articles, bought a course, or asked a friend because you know LinkedIn is something you 'should' do but you keep putting it off. 

Perhaps you just don't know where to start but you've heard there are 467M users on LinkedIn, 94% of recruiters use LinkedIn to vet candidates and your LinkedIn profile shows up in Google searches (regardless of how complete it is)

In the past I've signed up to a challenge and didn't get beyond Day 4 or bought a course and not even started it. Either I've not put the time aside or not got fully engaged even though I know it's important. Then I'm cross and frustrated with myself because I have wasted time or money (or both).

No matter how polished and complete your profile, you need to review on a regular basis. Keep the momentum going and get strategic in how you use LinkedIn. It boils down to 3 key things: consistency, authenticity and strategy.

What you really want is for the right opportunities to come looking for you .... speaker invites, contract offers, new career opportunities (headhunted even), or new business leads.

Even though I've been teaching and training LinkedIn to lawyers and other professionals since 2007, until recently my own profile was very basic. 

Ooops ... it didn't even mention my book. Or that I was speaker. Doh! 

As soon as I made a concerted effort to update my profile, use LinkedIn more consistently and strategically, suddenly it all clicked into place. 

I started getting invites to appear on Sky News. I was asked to join a work-life balance roundtable at Legal & General. A former work colleague from 20 years ago (!) got in touch when his employer (one of the challenger banks) wanted help to implement their Women in Finance Charter strategy. 

I had discovered the 3 keys to attract the right people AND the right opportunities to your profile: consistency, authenticity and strategy. 


This online course is designed to help you write a powerful profile that enhances your brand and increases your visibility. You want to build your community and showcase your expertise. Then to keep the momentum going, create an effective strategy that doesn't take up all your time but does bring the right opportunities to you. 

I created this course with you in mind. I'm going to show you the strategies I use myself as a women's leadership coach and that I share with my clients (ambitious women in the City and business owners). 

I'm going to tell you what to do, how to do it, and provide the tools and strategies to keep it simple.

  • 1.

    A small group to get personalised attention from me

  • 2.

    Expert support and specific feedback on your profile

  • 3.

    Ask questions, get inspired and develop confidence

  • 4.

    Understand what employers & clients expect to see 

  • 1.

    Get absolutely clear on your personal brand

  • 2.

    Time to focus on your career and business goals

  • 3.

    Showcase your skills, talents and experience

  • 4.

    Create an effective LinkedIn strategy going forward

"Maximum value"

Sherry has a great insight into LinkedIn and teaching people how to get maximum value from their LI profile. 

She provides great training material and clear instructions that were easy to follow and really helped with boosting my LinkedIn presence. 

Highly recommended.

Ronan Leonard
The Mastermind Guru,
Melbourne, Australia
"Helpfully structured"

It has been a real joy to take part in Sherry's LinkedIn challenge. Her passion for how LinkedIn can boost your career and your business is contagious ... really helpfully structured to help you focus on the actions that are right for you. And you get incredible support from Sherry too! 

If you are looking to build your business network, boost your career prospects or simply build your understanding of the opportunities and possibilities that LinkedIn can offer, I highly recommend.

Sue Revell
The Unstoppable Leaders Coach
Magenta Change
"Structured approach"

Sherry has a real 'sharing learnings' mindset and a passion for building confidence in others. 

She has a structured approach that provides focus and through her authenticity, is a great role model.

Emma Saccomani
Wellbeing Advisor & Coach
Woking, Surrey
"Fantastic level of support"

Having Sherry by my side while I step through the transition to working mum has been utterly invaluable. 

She delivered a fantastic and generous level of support, encouragement and guidance without it ever feeling forceful  ... she has an incredible knack for teasing out and addressing issues that may be blocking progress.

Ashley Aspin
HR Officer
Laurus Trust, Cheshire

Here's how it works ...

  • 1.

    Five core modules to cover Creating the Foundations, Strengthening Your Brand, Building Your Community, Showcasing Your Expertise and Designing Your Strategy. More detail on what's covered in each module here.

  • 2.

    Bite-sized videos, worksheets and checklists.

  • 3.

    Small group which gets you personalised attention (plus there's only so much feedback I can take!)

  • 4.

    Personalised workbook to download and record your ideas, learnings and actions to take forward.

  • 5.

    Closed Facebook group to ask questions, get inspired, celebrate your successes and keep the momentum going.

  • 6.

    BONUS Five Live Q&As starting Tuesday 10 October, recorded if you can't make them live [value £235]

This is the beta version of LinkedIn Confidence online. It will cover everything (and more) from the Challenge and the Masterclass plus all my best LinkedIn strategies and ninja tactics. 

You're being offered beta pricing and numbers are limited (there's only so much feedback I can deal with). In return, I will ask you for feedback and a testimonial (assuming you love the course!

TOTAL package valued at £432 (course £197 + bonus 5 live Q&As £235). 
You missed the Early Early Bird pricing of £97 which expired on Monday. 

Book and pay BEFORE Friday 13 October, your investment is just £147

100% Money Back Guarantee

More than 150 people joined my LinkedIn Challenge and they loved my approach. It's not magic, I can't guarantee results and I don't do the work for you. 

I know I offer great value and great content. But if you sign up, and decide it's not for you, you have 30 days to request your money back in full.


Frequently asked questions

  • 1.

    I don't have a profile yet, does that matter? The course will assume you do already have a LinkedIn profile. If you don't yet, it's really easy to get started. Get the basics done now (here's something I've written just for you) and in the course, discover how to maximise your investment.

  • 2.

    I don't have time to do this now ... can I book and do it later in the year? It may not run in this exact format next time. The Bonus live Q&As are to ensure I get plenty of feedback to refine the course. This is a beta (and beta pricing) so if you really want to do it, you'll find a way. Or else book a one-to-one. Which costs a little more but you'll get personalised one-to-one attention at a time that works for you

  • 3.

    My clients are on Facebook (Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter ....), should I do LinkedIn too? That depends on where your target audience hangs out. It's perfect for you if you are employed (not necessarily jobhunting), or you work with the corporate sector or small businesses. I can recommend social media trainers who specialise in other networks. If your audience is on Twitter, LinkedIn is a great place to continue conversations.

  • 4.

    I'm not currently jobhunting. Does that matter? Absolutely not. Your LinkedIn profile and your professional network are essential tools in your career toolkit. Discover how to make your profile work hard for you whether that's for networking, client referrals or speaking opportunities.

  • 5.

    What if I don't know who I want to attract to my profile? The course assumes that you know who you want to work with or for however Module 2 explores your personal brand and values to get even clearer. A one-to-one might be a better fit for you?

  • 6.

    I can't make this date, will it be repeated? Yes ... probably. This is a new format for my existing LinkedIn Confidence programme and will include elements from my successful LinkedIn Challenge but in much more detail. If it goes well and I get great feedback, it will be repeated in October but not at the beta pricing.

  • 7.

    I'm a recent graduate, is this course for me? Congratulations on graduating. This course is aimed at people with career or business experience. So it might not be right for you. Check out what LinkedIn provides for students.

  • 8.

    How many people will be on the course? Numbers are limited so I can give you personal attention. 

Get your LinkedIn Confidence today

I can't wait to help you create your powerful, confident LinkedIn profile that will get you noticed and make a bigger impact in your professional network so that people and opportunities come looking for you. 

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